A Production Presentation for Your Consideration

During my current job search, I’ve had to create two presentations.

One of these presentations was… oddly enough… a presentation on me. Now, given how much I really dislike talking about myself (and trust me, I really dislike talking about myself), that was a particularly difficult experience.

I created another presentation, though, to discuss game production for free-to-play invest-and-express games. This is the presentation that I’m going to share with you today! Huzzah!

If you’re interested in listening to me yammer on about game production for about 20 minutes, feel free to follow this link.

I apologize in advance for the handful of plosives in the file, as well as the occasional vocal stumble. I’m sure this would land me no better than a B- from Doc DeYoung in his Vocal Instrument class. Still, it’s an opportunity for me to talk a little more about the process of production for a particular type of game.

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